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Article Processing Charges (APC) Information

Article Processing Charges (APC) Information

International Journal of Progressive Education (IJPE) is owned by a non-profit association, International Association of Educators striving to advance knowledge about education, to encourage scholarly inquiry related to education, and to serve the public good. Any surplus generated is either used to support the activities of the association, for investments in new staff and the enhancement of our services for doctoral and early career scholars. IJPE is published under the Print Subscription and Open Acess publishing models.There are no submission fees for this journal. In order to get the subscription information of the journal, please visit:

Authors pay a one-time Article Processing Charge (APC) to support the publication process of their accepted articles. This fee covers the costs of peer review, editing, production (including PDF and other formats), and dissemination. Importantly, there are no charges for rejected submissions, no submission fees, and no surcharges based on article length, figures, or supplementary data. Additionally, certain item types like editorials, corrections, and addendums are published free of charge.

Total publication fee (APC) per article is 200 USD.

For transparency, we provide a detailed breakdown of how APCs are used. This breakdown aligns with recommendations from the Fair Open Access Alliance and ensures full compliance with Plan S requirements, both of which promote sustainable and transparent open access publishing practices.

1. Publishing Operations & Projects

INASED develops and maintains its own electronic submission and peer-review website. INASED also runs several platforms to offer different types of services for member associations and doctoral and early career scholars.

2. Journal publication

  • Triaging: Filtering of manuscripts upon submission by editorial staff.
  • Organization of peer-review: INASED provides a high degree of assistance to Editors so that they can  focus more on editorial decisions. 
  • Production: Copy-editing, typesetting, PDF conversion, and language editing. The APC includes minor English editing by native English speakers. The APC does not cover extensive English editing.
  • Proofreading: Corresponding with authors to approve the final text and requesting any missing information.
  • Other editorial assistance: Handling any questions and requests for support before submission, during the editorial and peer-review process, or post-publication.
  • Indexing & archiving: INASED has a dedicated team that works to continuously expand post-publication coverage of all journals within the main academic databases, scope-specific databases and country-specific journal ranking lists.
  • Plagiarism Detection: In accordance with its publishing policies, IJPE obliges each study that has undergone the "Blind Review Process" to be detected for plagiarism to protect the integrity of the study. Therefore, the accepted manuscripts are detected for plagiarism by a company chosen by the editorial board.

3. Editorial Fees

INASED pays a travel grant to the Editors-in-Chief and the Managing Editors. 

4. Discounts and waivers

Corresponding authors without access to institutional funding options with primary affiliations based in countries defined by the World Bank as Low-Income Economies, can apply for a 100% fee waiver.


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