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International Journal of Progressive Education (IJPE)  is a peer reviewed journal published by the International Association of Educators. IJPE takes an interdisciplinary approach to its general aim of promoting an open and continuing dialogue about the current educational issues and future conceptions of educational theory and practice in an international context. In order to achieve that aim, IJPE seeks to publish thoughtful articles that present empirical research, theoretical statements, and philosophical arguments on the issues of educational theory, policy, and practice. IJPE is published six times a year.

The IJPE welcomes diverse disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological perspectives. Manuscripts should focus critical pedagogy, multicultural education, new literacies, curriculum and instruction cross-cultural issues in education, theory and practice in educational evaluation and policy, communication technologies in education, postmodernism and globalization education.In addition, the journal publishes book reviews, editorials, guest articles, comprehensive literature reviews, and reactions to previously published articles.

Top Ranked Articles

The Predictive Relationships between the Social Media Addiction and Social Anxiety, Loneliness, and Happiness

Önder Baltacı

pp. 73-82   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijpe.2019.203.6   |  Number of Views: 5006  |  Number of Download: 3749

Volume 15, Issue 4

Investigating Direct and Indirect Effects of Social Media Addiction, Social Media Usage and Personality Traits on FOMO

Nazire Burcin Hamutoglu, Murat Topal & Deniz Mertkan Gezgin

pp. 248-261   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijpe.2020.241.17   |  Number of Views: 3121  |  Number of Download: 2834

Volume 16, Issue 2

Instructors' Views on the Assessment and Evaluation of the Speaking Skill in Turkish as a Foreign Language (TFL) Classes

Ahmet Akkaya, Mehmet Yalçın Yılmaz & Gülnur Aydın

pp. 130-143   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijpe.2018.157.11   |  Number of Views: 902  |  Number of Download: 1951

Volume 14, Issue 5

Challenges for Progressive Education in Afghanistan: A History of Oppression and the Rising Threat of ISIS

Michael Jessee Adkins

pp. 104-111   |  Number of Views: 1739  |  Number of Download: 1892

Volume 12, Issue 2

School Principals' Opinions about Public Relations Practices on Schools

Adil Çoruk

pp. 136-147   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijpe.2018.139.10   |  Number of Views: 1265  |  Number of Download: 1780

Volume 14, Issue 2