International Association of Educators   |  ISSN: 1554-5210

International Journal of Progressive Education 2022, Vol. 18(2) 104-118

The Transition to Kindergarten for Children with and without Special Needs: Identification of Family Experiences and Involvement

Binnur Yıldırım Hacıibrahimoğlu

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Examining Preschool and First Grade Teachers’ Opinions on the Effects of School Readiness to Classroom Management

Berrin Akman, Sevi Kent Kükürtcü, İlknur Tarman & Zeynep Seda Şanlı
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First Grade Students' Perceptions of Their Preschool and Elementary School Experience

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Preschool Teachers' Views on Science Education, the Methods They Use, Science Activities, and the Problems They Face

Yakup Doğan & Ahmet Simsar
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Children's Questions and Answers of Parents: Sexual Education Dilemma

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