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Volume 2 Issue 1 (February 2006)

Original Articles

Development and research in contemporary Chinese home education

Feng LUO

pp. 14 - 23


In this article, the author aims to develop a macro level understanding of home education and its research in China. The author analyzes the background, the reasons of revival, special features, and major contents of home education research in the late 70's and early 80's of the 20th century, and explores the development in the succeeding three decades, 1980s, the 90's and the beginning of the 21st century.

Keywords: Contemporary China, home education, research on home education

Inheritance and development of the tradition of Chinese piety education

Xu Kunyuan & Zeng Rudi

pp. 24 - 31


It is a fine tradition of Chinese to instill children the concept of ‘filial piety’ in home education. In recent years, however, ‘piety education’ is getting weaker and even neglected, especially among the one-child family in Mainland China. The authors of this article argue that in order to continue and develop the fine Chinese tradition of filial piety education, we should strengthen the filial piety perspective in home education. This would improve and enhance the moral growth in young people’s mind, raise their noble emotion and establish society's harmonious need. Regarding the tradition of "filial piety education", one would need to have a critical mind and attitude to inherit. We would need to nourish the child’s linkage to parents in areas such as sympathy, sense of responsibility and a repayment heart, making these to become a form of habit of their behavior. Today, since students are overloaded with schoolwork, a lot of family duties that the children should be responsible for are done by parents instead. Thus piety education has lost the adequate time and space to practice.

Keywords: filial piety, tradition, home education

Home education of a bright student: a case analysis on Lu Wei

Chen Yuexiang & Zhou Hongfang

pp. 32 - 36


In this article, the authors explore the life history and home education of Lu Wei, a top student in the 2004 Guangdong Province College entrance examination. The authors argue that the following issues of Lu’s home education played an important role in Lu’s success: emphasis and nurture of intellectual development in the early years of life, mutual support, respect and care among family members. The authors state that parents’ personal involvement and examples have played a crucial role in Lu’s success.

Keywords: home education, case analysis

A Discussion on Development of Education Resources for College Students as Family Tutors

Zhao Da Wei

pp. 37 - 40


This article explores the current situation of university students taking part time jobs as tutors in families. This is very popular in China, especially in cities and towns. After systematic investigations, the author suggests that the office of student affairs in Chinese universities should play a substantial role by providing opportunities for these students to become better tutors.

Keywords: home education, university students as family tutors, family tutoring of university students

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